Start Date01-09-2002Duration24 monthsCost7.45 MEContract Type: NoE


ANWIRE (Academic Network for Wireless Internet Research in Europe) is a thematic network of the 5th IST Framework, established mainly by academic institutions from various EU countries acting in two main overlapping research tracks: i) Wireless Internet and ii) Reconfigurability. ANWIRE aims at i) organising and coordinating parallel actions in key research areas of Wireless Internet and Reconfigurability, in order to encompass research activities towards the design of a fully integrated system; and ii) promoting and disseminating Wireless Internet and Reconfigurability solutions, in order to make them available to the research and industrial community.


• Centre for Communication Systems Research
• Centre Technologic de Telecommunicacions de Catalunya
• Department of Science
• Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
• Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering
• Department of Electronic Engineering
• Department of Informatics and Telecommunication
• Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
• Department of Telematic Engineering
• Dipartimento di Ingegneria Informatica e Delle Telecomunica
• Groupe des Ecoles des Telecommunications
• Instituto Superior Tecnico
• King’s College London
• Laboratorie d’Informatique de Paris
• Lehrstuhl fur Kommunikationsnetze
• NEC Europe LTD
• Network Laboratories
• Rheinisch-Westfaelische Technische Hochschule Aachen
• Thales Research & Technology LTD
• Universita di Catania
• University of Athens
• University of Cyprus
• University of Helsinki
• University of Limerick
• Universite Paris VI Pierre et Marie Curie
• Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
• University of Surrey