Start Date01-11-2011Duration8 MonthsContract Type: Private


“Application Delivery Networks (ADN): Concepts, TSPs Opportunities, Scenarios, Services and Applications” comprises a private contract between SCAN-Lab University of Athens and Huawei Technologies Co Ltd. In the context of this contract, UoA SCAN Lab undertook the responsibility to investigate the applicability of ADN towards solving tantalizing problems of future networks (i.e. huge data volume and complexity, heterogeneity, manual network management and high service requirements for bandwidth and QoS).

Application Delivery Networks (ADN) are presented as a prominent technological concept for overwhelming the above-mentioned issues and promising a better viability scenario for the involved market players. By exploiting the merits of today’s trends such as cloud computing, virtualization and distributed computing, on the one hand ADN comes as a key optimization technology for providing high QoS and QoE standards for highly demanding services to end users and SMBs; on the other hand it can be exploited by operators, vendors etc. for building more robust network architectures with novel network management schemes deployed and better collaboration opportunities for various players in the market grid (i.e. operators, ADN providers, infrastructure providers, vendors etc).


•University of Athens
•Huawei Technologies Co Ltd