Evaggelos Kosmatos

Email: vkosmatos[at]di.uoa.gr
Telephone: +30210-7275334 Dr. Evaggelos KOSMATOS

Dr. Evangelos A. Kosmatos received his Dipl-Ing. degree and his Ph.D. Degree from the school of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ICCS) of National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece, in 2002 and 2008 respectively. He has been a research fellow of the ICCS in the period 2002 – 2011 and has participated in several EU projects (IST AQUILA, IST ENAMORADO, IST SMS, INCASA) as well as national projects. From 2011 until today he is a research associate at the Self-evolving Congitive & Autonomic Networking (SCAN) Laboratory of the University of Athens (UoA) in the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications.

His research interests include optical networks (EPON, GPON, WDM-PON), multimedia delivery networks, IPTV architectures, mechanisms, protocols and algorithms supporting Quality of Service in heterogeneous networks, sensors / actuators networks (Internet of Things), middleware and distributed technologies; he has 18 publications related to these fields. He is a member of the IEEE and the Technical Chamber of Greece.

Phd Thesis (Gr)

Refereed Journal Publications
• T. Orphanoudakis, H.-C. Leligou, E. Kosmatos, A. Stavdas, “Future Internet infrastructure based on the transparent integration of access and core optical transport networks”, Journal of Optical Communications and Networking, July 2009, Vol. 1, Is. 2.
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Refereed Conference and Workshop Publications
• G. Lioudakis, G. Lamprinakos, E. Kosmatos, D. Kaklamani, I. S. Venieris, “Introducing Privacy-Awareness in Remote Healthcare Monitoring”, Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium on Applied Sciences in Biomedical and Communication Technologies (ISABEL 2010), November 2010, Rome, Italy
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• E. Nikolouzou, P. Sampatakos, V. Kosmatos, I.S. Venieris, “Resource management techniques for dynamic multimedia content adaptation in heterogeneous networks”, SPIE ITCom 2003, September 2003


Book Chapters
• Contributing author of undergraduate textbook “Packet Switching Systems in Broadband Networks”
• I.S. Venieris, E. Kosmatos, C. Papagianni, G. N. Prezerakos, “Live Video and On-demand Streaming” “Handbook of Mobile Broadcasting: DVB-H, DMB, ISDB-T and MediaFLO”