Gerasimos Stamatelatos


Mr Gerasimos (Makis) Stamatelatos has been a researcher in the SCAN group of Lecturer Nancy Alonistioti, in the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the University of Athens (UoA). He holds an M.Sc. in Communication Systems and Networks from UoA and a B.Sc. degree in Informatics and Telecommunications from UoA. He has been working as a research associate for the SCAN group since 2004 and has participated in a number of European research projects, namely E²R, E²R II, E3, Self-NET, SACRA (Task Leader), CONSERN (Workpackage Leader), UniverSelf, METIS and SPECIFI (Workpackage Leader). His research interests focus on information modeling for network management, coordination of SON operations in cellular networks as well as creativity in Future Internet times. He has acted as Designated Representative of UoA in the IEEE P1900.4 WG and SCC41 TC and has contributed to the standard development. He has also contributed to OMA and OMG.

Book Chapters

• K. Chatzikokolakis, P. Spapis, M. Stamatelatos, G. Katsikas, R. Arapoglou, A. Kaloxylos, N. Alonistioti, “Spectrum Aggregation in Cognitive Radio Access Networks: business and power control aspects”, submitted for publication in “Evolution of Cognitive Networks and Self-Adaptive Communication Systems”, IGI Global, 2012.

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European Commision Events

Gerasimos Stamatelatos, Value Creation, Value flows and liability over virtual resources: Infrastructure Perspective The Idea, The Scope, The expectations, chairman presentation, FIA Poznan, Poznan, Poland, October 2011

• Vânia Gonçalves, Gerasimos Stamatelatos, Simon Delaere, Management aspects of virtualisation business scenarios, in FIA Poznan, Poznan, Poland, October 2011

Gerasimos Stamatelatos, Vania Goncalves, Simon Delaere, Unified Business Modelling for FI ecosystems, in FI Socio Economics (FISE) Working Group, FIA Poznan, Poznan, Poland, October 2011

Gerasimos Stamatelatos, Adapting to change (from Construction to Usage to Re‐purposing), Second Meeting of the Monitoring and Control Cluster on Smart Buildings/Smart Spaces, 11-12 November, Lisbon, Portugal.

G. Stamatelatos, Cognitive Service Provision, eMobility “Mediation Bus for Ubiquitous Services (Future Internet Services)” Working Group Meeting, Barcelona, Spain, May 2008, Pres.

G. Stamatelatos, RS&RM” Session 1: “Cooperative transmission (2008), in RAS cluster Meeting