Mr. Nick SynthychakisEmail: syntych[at]di.uoa.grTelephone: +30210727-5175

Email: syntych[at]
Telephone: +30210-7275175

 Nikolaos Syntychakis has pursued his Diploma in Computer Science in the University of  Crete  giving  emphasis  in  the  fields  of  software  engineering,  computer  and  network security, network and system administration and wireless networks. In the course of its thesis he  worked  as  research  assistant  at  ICS-FORTH  research  center  in  the  field  of  mobile cognitive networks. After the publication of his thesis he completed an internship as software engineer at Simteq B.V. in the Netherlands and since July 2013  is working at SCAN lab at UoA  and  has  been  involved  in  European  projects  including  LiveCity  and  FiSpace  and several  tasks  like  system  administration  of  an  in-house  cloud  infrastructure.    He’s  currently interested  in  the  research  topics  of  software  defined  networks,  cloud  management  and cognitive wireless networks.