Sokratis Barmpounakis

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Dr. Sokratis Barmpounakis is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in SCAN group, Dept. of Informatics and Telecommunications. He holds a Ph.D. in “Context-based Resource Management and Slicing for SDN-enabled 5G Smart, Connected Environments”, since May 2018. Dr. Barmpounakis obtained his Engineering Diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering, from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in 2010. After completing his studies, he moved to Geneva, Switzerland. At University of Geneva, he worked for 2 years as a Researcher/Developer in various projects, Swiss and European, as a member of the QoL group. Since March 2013, he is a researcher in the SCAN group, actively involved in numerous European Projects and industrial contracts, having also undertaken managerial roles, coordinating the University of Athens team. Dr. Barmpounakis has over 80 citations, and he is a co-inventor of 2 patents, approved and filed in the World Intellectual Property Organisation. His main fields of interest are: 5G, LTE, Software Defined Networking, Context-Aware Resource and Mobility Management and Collaborative Data Sharing mechanisms. He is also a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece.

Courses (as Adjunct Professor)

  • Advanced Communication Networks, Master of Science (MSc), Graduate Program , Department of Informatics and Telecommunications, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Winter Semester 2018-2019
  • Advanced Communication Networks, Master of Science (MSc), Graduate Program , Department of Informatics and Telecommunications, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Winter Semester 2019-2020


  • WO2017137089A1, World Intellectual Property Organization, EP 2016/052963, European Patent Office, “User Equipment Profiling for Network Administration”, A. Kaloxylos, P.Spapis, C. Zhou, S. Barmpounakis, N. Alonisitioti
  • WO2017211415A1, World Intellectual Property Organization, EP 2016/063081, European Patent Office, “Context Information Processor, Profile Distribution Unit and Method for a Communication Network”, A. Kaloxylos, P.Spapis, C. Zhou, S. Barmpounakis, N. Alonisitioti

Book Chapters

  • S. Barmpounakis, N.Alonistioti, “A survey of existing testbeds for Programmable Networks”, Programmable Network Architecture and Protocols, Wiley 5G REF: The Essential 5G Reference Online, by John Wiley & Sons, publication date: December 2019.

Refereed Journal Publications

  • S. Barmpounakis, A. Kaloxylos, P. Spapis, C. Zhou, P. Magdalinos, N. Alonistioti, “Data Analytics for 5G Networks: A complete framework for network access selection and traffic steering”, International Journal On Advances in Telecommunications, IARIA, Vol. 11, Issue 3&4, December 2018
  • S.Barmpounakis, A. Kaloxylos, P. Spapis, N. Alonistioti, «Context-aware, user-driven, network-controlled RAT selection for 5G networks», The International Journal of Computer and Telecommunications Networking (COMNET Journal), Elsevier, Vol. 113, pp. 124-147, 2017.
  • P. Magdalinos, S.Barmpounakis, P. Spapis, A. Kaloxylos, et al., «A Context Extraction and Profiling Engine for 5G Network Resource Mapping», The International Journal for the Computer and Telecommunications Industry (COMCOM Journal), Elsevier, Vol. 109, pp. 184-201, September 2017.
  • D. Calabuig, S.Barmpounakis, et al., «Resource and Mobility Management in the Network Layer of 5G Cellular Ultra-Dense Networks», IEEE Communications Magazine, Vol. 55, Issue: 6, pp 162-169, 2017.
  • S. Barmpounakis, A. Kaloxylos, A. Groumas et al., «Management & Control applications in Agriculture domain via a Future Internet Business-to-Business Platform», Information Processing in Agriculture Journal (IPA), Vol. 2, Issue 1, pp. 51-63, May 2015
  •  S. Arkoulis, D-E. Spanos, S. Barmpounakis, A. Zafeiropoulos, N. Mitrou, “Cognitive radio-aided wireless sensor networks for emergency response”, IOPscience Journal, November 2010.

Conference Publications

  • S. Barmpounakis, A. Kaloxylos, P. Spapis, N. Alonistioti, “COmpAsS: A Context-Aware, User-Oriented RAT Selection Mechanism in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks”, Mobility 2014, Fourth International Confrence on Mobile Services, Resources, and Users, July 20-24 – 2014, Paris, France
  • A. Kaloxylos, S. Barmpounakis, P. Spapis, N. Alonistioti, “An efficient RAT selection mechanism for 5G cellular networks”, International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference, 4-8 August 2014, Nicosia, Cyprus

Conference Demo Sessions

  • S. Barmpounakis, N. Maroulis, G. Tsiatsios, M. Papadakis, “Cross Layer Control (CLC) based on SDN and SDR towards 5G Heterogeneous Networks”, Fed4FIRE+ Engineering Conference (FEC), October 2017, Volos, Greece

Workshop Publications

  • S. Barmpounakis, K. Wac, “Deriving Connectivity and Application Usage Patterns From Longitudinal Mobile Phone Usage Data (2012)”, MDC Workshop, Pervasive 2012, July 2012 Newcastle


  • “5G Automotive Vision”, October 2015, link [October 2015]:

Invited talks

  • S. Barmpounakis, A. Groumas, Invited talk and session charing in “Smart Greenhouse Management & Control on FIspace B2B platform”, Smart AgriMatics conference, Paris, June 2014
  • S. Barmpounakis, K. Wac, “QoSIS – Quality of Service Information System”, TIGERS (Technology of Information for Geographic and Environment Research and Studies), Institute of Science Services, Geneva, November 2012

TPC Member, Reviewer

  • Reviewer IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications (JSAC)
  • Reviewer in IEEE Access
  • Reviewer in International Journal of Communication Systems – Wiley Library
  • Reviewer in IARIA, MOBILITY 2015, The Fifth International Conference on Mobile Services, Resources, and Users
  • Reviewer in International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference (IWCMC 2014) 

Supervisor of MSc/BSc theses

  • N. Leonidakis, “Context awareness and related challenges: A comprehensive evaluation study for a context-based RAT selection scheme towards 5G networks”, 03/2017
  • Α. Gkroumas, “IoT application development in the context of a Future Internet Business-to-Business collaboration platform”, 07/2016
  • A. Kalyva, “Challenges towards Wireless 5G Systems: Experimental Evaluation of Network Environment Parameters of 4G Ultra Dense Networks”, 07/2016
  • M. P. Kynigos, “Adapting Future Cellular Networks for Heterogeneous Network Topology Interoperation”, 04/2016
  • D. Stavlas, “A novel smart Battery Consumption application for Android smartphones”, 11/2014
  • G. Regkas, “An Android application for Environment Sensing and WLAN APs mapping”, 01/2014
  • E. Skandalellis, A. Valsamis, “Indoor Positioning methods investigation using WiFi technology”, 01/2014


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