Nancy Alonistioti

Email: nancy[at]
Telephone: +30210727-5216

Αs. Prof. Nancy Alonistioti (female) has a B.Sc. degree and a PhD degree in Informatics and Telecommunications (Dept. of Informatics and Telecommunications, UoA). She has over 20 years of experience in numerous national and European projects, including project/technical management experience (MOBIVAS, ANWIRE, LIAISON, E2R I & II, E3, Self-NET, SACRA, CONSERN, UniverSelf, SmartAgriFood). She is currently leading the SCAN group activities in the Dept. Informatics in UoA. She has served as member of the Future Internet Assembly Steering Committee. She has also undertaken management activities as a PMT member and WP Leader of the FP6 IST- E2R and FP7 E3 projects and the PC of FP7 ICT Self-NET and FP7 ICT CONSERN projects. She is member of the ETSI Experts group and the Greek standardization group ELOT (5G, smart citiy autonomic communications). She has over 100 publications in the area of mobile networks, Future Internet/NGI, cognitive management, autonomic communications and reconfigurable mobile systems. She is coauthor of 4 WO Patents and has more than 2500 citation in her work.

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