Nancy Alonistioti

Email: nancy[at]
Telephone: +30210727-5216

Lecturer Nancy Alonistioti has a B.Sc. degree and a PhD degree in Informatics and Telecommunications (Dept. of Informatics and Telecommunications, University of Athens). She has working experience as senior researcher and project manager in the Dept. of Informatics and Telecommunications at University of Athens. She has participated in several national and European projects, (CTS, SS#7, ACTS RAINBOW, EURESCOM, MOBIVAS, ANWIRE, E2R, LIAISON, E3, SELFNET, SACRA, CONSERN, UNIVERSELF etc) and has experience as Project and Technical manager of the IST-MOBIVAS, IST-ANWIRE, ICT-SELFNET projects, which had a focus on reconfigurable mobile systems, cognitive mobile networks and FI. She has served as PMT member and WP Leader of the FP6 IST- E2R project. She is co-editor and author in “Software defined radio, Architectures, Systems and Functions”, published by John Wiley in May 2003. She has served as lecturer in University of Piraeus and she has recently joined the faculty of Dept. Informatics and Telecommunications of Univ. of Athens. She is TPC member in many conferences in the area of mobile communications and mobile applications for systems and networks beyond 3G. She has over 55 publications in the area of mobile communications, reconfigurable, cognitive and autonomic systems and networks and Future Internet.