On 13th of March 2015, SCAN Lab organized and hosted a workshop on the new trends for operators, new business and product opportunities: OpenDayLight, Big Data, NFV, and new applications based on operator synthetic data services.

The presentation slides are available upon request at this link.

Scope of the workshop

Software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) represent two of the more dramatic oncoming technology shifts in networking. Both will significantly alter network designs, deployments, operations and future networking and computing systems. Key drivers include improved network service levels and lower operating and capital costs.
That’s good news for the telecom industry, whose overall assessment is that the migration to SDN and NFV will breathe new life into traditional network configurations vis-à-vis greater agility and flexibility. As network speeds increase, performance will be an issue.
Network appliances provide the real-time insight needed to continuously monitor, collect and analyze traffic for management and security purposes. Appliances can be virtualized, but the same constraints that affect the performance of physical appliances will also affect virtual ones.
Those hoping to span the gap between the networks they now have and those on the horizon can use virtualization-aware appliances, which provide real-time insight using analysis acceleration. This enables event-driven automation of policy decisions and real-time reaction to those events, thereby allowing the full agility and flexibility of SDN and NFV to unfold.
In this context, the scope of this workshop is to introduce and present network operators, vendors and academia researchers’ perspective on new trends, new business and new product opportunities in the era of virtualization and SDN/NFV network scheme exploitation.

Topics of interest of the workshop included but were not limited to the operators’ views on:

• OpenDayLight exploitation as the standard SDN controller
• Big data analysis for proactive fault prevention on SDN/NFV schemes
• Big data analysis for network orchestration
• New applications based on operator synthetic data services
• The vision of operators in the new SDN/NFV era
• Data transparency in future networks

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