Start Date01-01-2000Duration24 monthsCost7.45 MEContract Type: STREP


In WINE (Wireless Internet Networking) we study necessary technologies to build fully IP-based optimised QoS (Quality of service) aware wireless Internet. We believe that true wireless Internet system should be optimised without underlying wireless ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) and as far as possible independent from media. The unique goal of WINE is to study all needed issues in protocol layers to find globally optimised end-to-end solution. Starting from theoretical issues for W-IP networks, we conduct simulations and large case studies over research networks to verify theoretical basis. We will then implement the results into three platforms. To facilitate independence of wireless media a W-IP adaptation layer is built that is configurable allowing optimisation for different wireless media. The test-beds cover Bluetooth, IEEE 802.11 and Hiperlan standards. Objectives: WINE’s main aim is to build fully IPv6-based globally optimised wireless Internet environment with QoS awareness. To reach this, WINE will have sub-tasks heading to the main aim. First, we aim to implement three testbeds with simulation models dedicated for specific environments and current IPv4/v6 implementations. Second, we aim for solid theoretical understanding of wireless Internet environments. This knowledge will be verified and based on practical tests on testbeds and simulation models and large-scale research networks. Based on previous results we aim to implement true wireless Internet solution that is as far as possible radiolink independent. We are building wireless IP adaptation layer that is configurable so that it can be optimised for different platforms and links. Above the layer objective is to implement wireless Internet protocol fully compatible to current Internet world.


• Acorde
• AQL (Alliance Qualite Logiciel)
• Cefriel
• Intracom
• Philips Research Monza
• Queen’s University of Belfast
• University of Athens
• University of Cantabria
• VTT Electronics