Software Development for Networks and Telecommunications

The course is entitled Software Development for Telecommunication – Network Programming” and is related to development and implementation of advanced network operations, protocols and applications. The course is structured in such way so as to achieve the gradual familiarization of the students with programming in various network levels. More specifically, the course includes programming for wired, wireless and mobile networks. The students are requested over the semester to implement a complete framework of communication between server and clients. The server provides a Web Service with various operations for the clients and keeps a storage facility (typically a Database) for storing information related to the clients. The clients could be desktop-based clients, or mobile users. The students practice their programming skills at least in J2SE, J2ME, Android, MySQL, Ruby, Web Services in this course.

Network Management

The course’s topics mainly involve: introduction to computer networks management, networks management using the FCAPS model, organization of a network management system and various management platforms. Structure of the management information, categories of entities to be managed and network management protocols. Management services and the SNMP protocol. Functional areas and functionalities of networks management. Methodology for planning a network management system. State of the art technologies for networks management, the ideas of self-management, knowledge-centric network management and heterogeneous communication systems management. Issues regarding management of future Internet compliant mobile and wireless networks. Several topics of networks security management.

Design and Analysis of Protocols

The course is specific to introduction to protocols design and validation. Its topics include: design of telecommunications services and protocols in networks and their formalistic specification. Finite state machines, protocols structure, messages flow charts, formalization of messages, monitoring of protocols compliance. The PROMELA protocols validation language, tools for protocols validation.