In this section you may find a list of videos presenting Prototypes developed by the SCAN team:

Car-to-Car communications using SUMO

UniverSelf Final Year demo developed by NKUA in the context of the UniverSelf FP7 project

WHERE2 proof-of-concept platform for position assisted load balancing and energy consumption by NKUA SCAN Lab and OTE Research

Smart Agri Food greenhouse pilot as developed

FP7-CONSERN project ideas through a real-life experiment carried out in the NKUA SCAN Lab premises

FuNeMS demonstration of WHERE2 proof-of-concept platform as developed by NKUA SCAN Lab, OTE Research and SIGINT Ltd

SmartAgriFood (SAF) Greenhouse FMS v.0.1

SmartAgriFood (SAF) GUI developed by NKUA

UniverSelf 1st Year demo

Cooperative Power Control Algorithm developed by NKUA

Νetwork and service joint self-management

Coverage and Capacity Optimization of Self-managed Future Internet Wireless Networks

E2R Phase 2 demo developed by NKUA

E2R – Component based, application layer reconfiguration