ICLEI Action Fund Greece: DRYADS

We are delighted to announce that the DRYADS project, led by NKUA’s SCAN group under the supervision of Professor Nancy Alonistioti and in cooperation with the Hellenic Ministry of Environment and Energy, has been selected for funding by the prestigious ICLEI Action Fund and Google.org (www.google.org)!

Read more here: https://iclei-europe_2.prowly.com/326137-iclei-action-fund-announces-awardees-of-1-million-for-data-driven-projects-in-greece

The official ceremony for the announcement of the funding took place in Athens City Hall, with the presence of the Mayor of Athens, Haris Doukas.

DRYADS, is an advanced AI-powered platform designed for the early detection and risk assessment of wildfires in the greater Athens area. The platform will utilize various data sources, including GOOGLE EIE datasets, satellite imagery, weather data, sensors and real time area video streams to identify anthropogenic environmental risk factors, monitor fire outbreaks and predict fire evolution in real time. By providing early warnings and comprehensive risk assessments, DRYADS aims to mitigate the impact of wildfires on natural landscapes and communities and increase cities’ resilience.

Professor Nancy Alonistioti summarized the potentials of DRYADS: “The DRYADS platform represents a transformative leap in forest management for Greece and other countries. By harnessing the power of AI and integrating diverse data sources, it not only enhances our ability to detect and respond to wildfires and anthropogenic risk factors early but also fortifies forest resilience against climate change. This innovative approach promises significant socio-environmental benefits, safeguarding our communities and natural landscapes from the compounded risks of wildfires and illegal waste disposal.

This incredible opportunity, supported by Google.org, will enable us to advance our mission of effectively managing forest and city resilience and mitigating the impacts of climate change. The ICLEI Action Fund is known for supporting innovative projects that have a tangible impact on local communities, and we are honored to be part of this initiative.

A big thank you to ICLEI Europe and Google.org for believing in our vision. Stay tuned for updates as we embark on this exciting journey to drive positive change and innovation in sustainability, forest resilience and climate change mitigation!